Art Science

Matt Draper Ocean Photography - POSTPONED


The Ocean Lovers Festival, with Justin Miller Art, are thrilled to host the first Australian Exhibition by extraordinary antipodean photographer Matt Draper presenting the exhibition Art Science.

Fine art photographer Draper brings his creative vision to existence through unconstrained immersion, revealing life beneath the surface. By patiently navigating through untamed ocean environments, Draper seeks to better understand each individual species he interacts with. Working with only natural light on a series of single breaths, he manoeuvres concept to creation with minimal disturbance. Draper's art breaks barriers between human and animal, merging realms and revealing distinct characteristics of unfamiliar physicality and hidden intuitive behaviours – resulting in a dynamic balance of vastness and intimacy.


Through this exhibition collaboration with Ocean Lovers Festival, Justin Miller Art and Matt Draper 50% of proceeds will donated to the Californian Ocean Alliance for whale research with Director of Research and pioneering scientist Dr. Ari Freidlaender attending the Festival to present his work to audiences.

Ari’s team in Antarctica is studying the behaviour, ecology, needs, and movements of baleen whales so that we can better understand how they are impacted by human activities.  Through a multi-disciplinary research program including tagging, biopsy sampling, drone imagery, remote sensing, and prey mapping, they are beginning to understand how these ocean giants live and the elements that are vital to their survival.  Support from this exhibition and the Festival will be used directly to help conduct research in this harsh, difficult, and far off place.


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