Blue Solutions Summit

Photos by Steph Smart


2021 Blue Solutions Summit

Thursday November 25, 1 - 5pm

The annual value of the global Ocean’s economy is estimated at $1.5 trillion and expected to grow substantially to double by 2030. Ocean Lovers believes that science, technology and entrepreneurship will provide the necessary leverage points to address the challenges facing our oceans and entrepreneurs, government and community are key to driving the ocean recovery needed to relieve the stress on the ocean ecosystems. 


The Blue Date Day is designed to encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to collaborate, promote sustainable business practices and demonstrate the economic viability of a blue economy.

Who is it for?


Innovators and Incubators, Change Makers and Idea Seekers, Networkers, Collaborators and Future Proofers


Reasons to Attend:


  • A networking and knowledge sharing event to incubate new collaborations and ideas between science, innovators, entrepreneurs and government

  • A hothouse for new ideas to be revealed, collaborations explored, creative solutions proposed and love of the oceans encouraged  

  • A showcase of positive projects, innovations and activities that bring hope for the oceans through real solutions and practical change

  • Showcasing government Initiatives, Pioneering Businesses, Eco Innovators, Indigenous Stewards, Film Makers and Scientists 

  • A place for conversation, revelations, practical advice, innovation and transition demonstrated

  • Innovative and Inspiring panel discussions 

Limited places available. Email us here to register your interest



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