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Solving environmental issues requires modern, divergent thinking! ​
Bondi Icebergs November 26 - 28 - FREE


Dive into the famous Bondi Icebergs pool and swim through an underwater Crayweed forest and VOLVO Living Seawall display! This installation by the Sydney Institute of Marine Science showcases current research projects focused on restoring the ecology of Sydney’s coastline and harbour. Volvo’s partnership with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science reflects their shared values and commitment to Living Seawalls  - a dynamic innovation delivering exciting environmental outcomes.

Volvo Cars has a long and rich history of designing and engineering its cars around people. They have a word in Swedish – omtanke – that means care and consideration. It’s the lens through which Volvo view the world. But a caring, considered approach does more than just inspire them to build better cars; it shapes how they see everything. Omtanke allows them to solve problems of all shapes and sizes, from safety in cars to electrification, ocean pollution and more. It drives innovations that make life more effortless. More considerate. More sustainable.

That’s what the Volvo Living Seawall is all about. For more see here.

Meet the scientists at the small pool and take a swim in the installation. Free entry for ticket holders from 10am to 4pm, Friday November 26 to Sunday November 28. 







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