Science in your swimmers', 12 & 13 March 2022

11am - 1pm, Sunshine Stage

Festival Hub - Bondi Park

Inspirational talks by leaders and luminaries, scientists, innovators and business future leaders focused on solutions to better protect our oceans promoting a hopeful and inspiring views for the future.

Beachgoers can literally turn-up in their swimmers to hear from scientists and join free science workshops for kids and adults provided by Fizzics Education and supported by Inspiring Australia. You can catch music, art, innovative technology, sustainability solutions and top research scientists sharing marine science and sustainability knowledge and learn about things we can be doing everyday that have a direct impact on the health of our oceans. 

Whether it’s switching out plastic items for more sustainable counterparts, learning about the benefits of crayweed forests and Living Seawall Tiles, or participating in a Beach Clean, Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival offers a myriad of ways to connect with marine science, ocean ecology and innovative solutions to climate adaptation and mitigation.

Curated by Fizzics Education, over 20 scientists will share their research knowledge in the Ocean Lab and on the Sunshine Stage each day between 11 am to 1pm. Find out what scientific topics are inspiring the next generation with ten interactive student talks on a range of topics and meet the scientists working with Sydney Institute of Marine Science. 

2022 Program TBC.

2020 Presentations & Panels


































Dr Olaf Meynecke

Griffith University

Saturday 11 - 11.30am

Whales and Climate - Ocean giants in the face of climate shifts


Prof Tony Haymet

Minderoo Foundation 

Saturday 12 - 12.30pm 

Measuring the heat in the ocean: the real story of global warming


Prof David Booth


Sunday 11 - 11.30am

Gone Troppo - A tropical future for Sydneys seas under climate change

Panel 2 and 3 Tim Silverwood.jpeg

Panel 2

Hosted by Alice Motion

Sunday 12 - 12.30pm 

Climate, Sustainability and Hope

Alex Thomson, Tim Silverwood, Kirsten Benkendorff, Jen Matthews

Dr Ari Friedlaender

University of California Santa Cruz

Saturday 11.30 - 12pm

Hope and optimism: the recovery of humpback whales in the midst of a turbulent future

Whale Research

Panel 1

Hosted by Tom Gordon

Saturday 12 .30 - 1pm 

Big Fascinating Giants  of the Seas 

Olaf Meynecke, Ari Friedlaender, Amy Smoothey Hosted by Tom Gordon

william glamore.jfif

Prof William Glamore


Sunday 11 .30 - 12pm

Restoring the Coast:  The past, present and future of our harbours and rivers


Panel 3

Hosted by Alex Thomson

Sunday 12 .30 - 1pm 

Tech and the Future of the Big Blue

Tom Wilson, Pete Ceglinski, Tim Silverwood, Jo Lane


Sci-Comm Mentoring 

10 - 10.30am

Student training with Fizzics Education (closed to public)

Mitchell Harley.JPG

Mitchell Harley 

12 -12.30pm

Citizen Science- CoastSnap: measuring our changing shorelines in your pocket

Panel 3 Tom Wilson.jpg

Tom Wilson


The next evolution of surfing

Panel 3 Jo Lane.jpg

Jo Lane


Solutions from the Sea  

How farming kelp can solve many of our current problems?

College Students

Student Talks Session

10.30 - 11.30am

10 min interactive student talks on range of Ocean Loving Topics


Mari Bastiani 


Marine science for sustainable development – Insights, challenges and opportunities 

Panel 2 Kirsten Benkendorff.jpg

Kirsten Benkendorff


A snail a day keeps the doctor away- medicine from molluscs

Panel 1- Amy Smoothey.jpg

Amy Smoothey


Unlocking the secret life of sharks 

 NSW Shark Management


Science Deep-Dive Talks 2020


Become an Ocean Lover

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