Welcome to Ocean Lovers Festival

The Ocean Lovers Festival couldn’t come at a better time as there is a major need for a comprehensive and radical new thinking when it comes to our oceans – a new water consciousness! We are living in an era with the most rapid rate of change in human history and the current state of the world’s oceans is the biggest ecological threat humanity is facing today. The Ocean Lovers Festival is advocating for action on a global scale to implement the protection and sustainable use of the world's oceans. The main aim of the Ocean Lovers Festival is to:

Bondi Beach, Ocean lovers Festival,
Gorgeous Bondi Beach by Sisi & Seb

CAPTIVATE - a wide audience from beach lovers to sports fans, art and music lovers and environmentalists, young and old!

EDUCATE - by watching films, taking part in workshops, talks and all kind of fun educational activities.

MOTIVATE - people to get involved, participate in our fundraising sporting challenge and sign up to community based initiatives. 

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