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The annual value of the global Ocean’s economy is estimated at $3 trillion and expected to grow substantially to double by 2030

Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival

2022 Blue Solutions Summit

in partnership with

Ocean Impact Organisation

Hosted by the Australian National Maritime Museum

Pledges for Ocean Impact contribute to Ocean Decade Australia commitments

The Blue Solutions Summit staged by the Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney on March 10th delivered on its promise elevate the critical issues facing our ocean and showed the bold leadership and innovation happening in key sectors to address impacts and find solutions.

The presentation of science talks and panels on Fashion, Finance and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) explored real-time innovation and solutions for ocean impacts and the gathering was inspired by the early presentation from 12-year-olds Myla Tucker and Olivia Lorenz, the founders of sustainable swimwear brand Cinnamon Cove. They won rousing applause for their talk about facing the challenges, finding answers and staring down nay sayers to forge the right path for their own generation and planetary health through their business venture.


Outstanding examples of corporate action from Nestle to Piping Hot also included Volvo's ambitious and rapid transition to pure electric vehicles and its global commitment to a sustainable supply chain as the car company declared climate change to be the planets greatest safety test.


Political leaders from all sides acknowledged the need to protect, restore and nurture the ocean with definitive actions with presentations by Federal Independent Zali Steggall, NSW Environment Minister James Griffin and Shadow Federal Assistant Minister for Environment Josh Wilson. UN Ocean Decade Australia head Jas Chambers was encouraged by the corporate commitment in the room to do more for the ocean and will present collective pledges made by those attending to take action.


A 10 point scale of actions sought participants to name their level of commitment to ocean impact and will form an ongoing document for the UN Decade submission and future Blue Solutions Summit events.


The scale ranged from a starting point to investigate and identify your organisations impacts through the process of developing an action plan, committing to a timeline and resources, activating and collaborating on changes through to reporting and celebrating achievements.


Pleasingly almost 40 percent of respondents from over 100 participants were at level 7, already collaborating to achieve change, while around 15% of the organisations were in the first half of the journey from starting to develop a plan up to making a public commitment to act and 12% had reached the top of the scale with review, report and celebrate pledges.


Organisers are keen to collate and continue to check in on pledge journeys to achieve more for the ocean and will be growing the database of respondents.

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