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Our planet’s future depends on people protecting and restoring the ocean's health

Thank you for enquiring about donating

to become an Ocean Lover!

Ocean Lovers Festival is a grassroots initiative with a mission to turn ripples of action into waves of change. 


Our goal is to Inspire, Engage and Empower the community by sharing hope and solutions for the ocean  to accelerate change that positively impacts our world. 

How can you support us?

Donations of over $250 can be made tax deductible via joint project work with our charity partner Underwater Earth (UWE).


Their team brings us the amazing imagery and scientific information that promotes all there is to love and care for in the ocean using their films and bespoke 360 degree underwater imagery.


For more information please call and chat directly with our Founders

Anita 0411 500 160


Carolyn  0407898727

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