Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
An Interactive Exhibition

© Underwater Earth / XL Catlin Seaview Survey / Christophe Bailhache

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind - Underwater Earth VR Exhibition

Thursday 25th - Sunday 28th November 2021 

Ever wondered what it would be like to sneak a peek below the waves of Bondi, the Great Barrier Reef or to adventure farther afield underwater? Imagine coming face to face with a humpback whale or exploring amongst Sydney’s seaweed beds as if you were a fish.


Out Of Sight Out Of Mind is an interactive gallery event revealing what there is to admire, love and protect in the ocean. 


Underwater photographer Christophe Bailhache showcases a selection of his unique panoramic images, taken during nine years of Underwater Earth expeditions.  Thanks to QR codes and your mobile phone, you will be transported into the images allowing you to explore each unique underwater world. 

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Christophe co-invented the unique SVII camera which has allowed him to capture the underwater panoramic images worldwide. 

Through VR headsets, you will also have the chance to experience two multi-awarded Virtual Reality films by Sophie Ansel and Christophe Bailhache.


Premiering in Australia, narrated by Sylvia Earle, Guardians of the Kingdom is a 15 minute beautiful story that explores how the relationship between humans and whales has changed for the better in the Kingdom of Tonga.







Out of the Blue tells the inspiring story of a Mexican fishing family who drive revolutionary change, implementing conservation practices in their waters to encourage marine life to once more flourish. 


This exhibition reveals how curious and diverse life under the waves is. It reminds us of the importance of the ocean; the issues it faces, the critical work being done to protect the Sydney Coast region and what we can do to help protect the ocean.

About Underwater Earth

Underwater Earth is an Australian non-profit with a global focus - to reveal the ocean to the world using creative storytelling and innovative technology. Co-founded by Lorna Parry and Christophe Bailhache, Underwater Earth pioneered underwater Google Street View in 2011 and since then has captured millions of immersive images. 


Christophe Bailhache is Underwater Earth Explorer and Photographer in residence. His work with Underwater Earth has been featured on CNN, NBC, BBC, National Geographic, TIME and the award-winning documentary Chasing Coral. His films have been presented in prestigious museums around the world, including the Monaco Oceanographic Museum, the Natural History Museum in London and the United Nations Headquarters in New York.


Sophie Ansel is a storyteller. To create stories with impact, she uses VR, books, graphic novels, films, cinema, and radio.


Lorna Parry is the curator of the exhibition. She has been managing and operating the largest global coral reef survey (XL Catlin Survey), the collaboration with Google and is currently heavily involved in the 50 Reefs initiative working alongside partners The University of Queensland. 


Special thanks to Underwater Earth’s partners Vulcan Production, Itramas, Global Mana, Projects for Good and Spinifex who have helped produce Guardians of the Kingdom.


Brought to you by Ocean Lovers Festival charity partner Underwater Earth with the support of The Vine Foundation


Christophe Bailhache, Underwater Earth,
July 2013, Lady Elliot Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

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