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March 23, 2024



The Census is being conducted by 23 commercial dive operations who offer Grey Nurse Shark diving. This census will include most of the known aggregation sites along the East Coast of Australia from Wolf Rock in Queensland to Montague Island in NSW. Many private divers will also be involved in the census.


The outcome will be a “Head Count” of the GNS at the known aggregation sites, giving an indication of current GNS numbers along our East Coast. This Citizen Science initiative will build, over time, to be conducted 4 times a year - allowing for the movement of our GNS throughout their migration range.


We plan to have divers upload photos of the GNS to a Shark ID website allowing identification and tracking of individual animals. This information will be invaluable to help piece together the GNS migration routes, mating and “pupping” sites to start putting the “jigsaw” together.


This program will help raise knowledge and awareness of these beautiful sharks and the appalling risks to our GNS population.  Plans are underway to form an organisation representing all Grey Nurse Shark dive tourism operators, private citizens and divers to get a stronger voice  for protection (Marine Sanctuaries) of the know aggregation sites and migration routes. Coordinated research, management and protection is essential to the Grey Nurse Sharks' survival.

The Ocean Lovers Festival is proud to be supporting the Grey Nurse Shark Census

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