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The Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival taps into Australians love of their ocean lifestyle with the largest dedicated ocean science and cultural celebration in Australia. Through a festival of Ideas, Art + Music and Actions, we set out to inspire and engage the community on ocean issues and provide hope by showcasing solutions and innovation that are improving the health of the ocean. Our accessible and interactive festival invites all-ages to dive into an informative and relaxed entertainment-rich environment, that harnesses the power of innovation, science, technology, art and entertainment to accelerate positive change for our blue planet. 


  To share hope, solutions and action for the ocean. We want to turn ripples of action into waves of change! 


To use the power of entertainment, art and science to connect people and engage them in behaviour that positively impacts our ocean

Dr Vanessa Pirotta
Marine Scientist/Science Communicator

Dr Vanessa Pirotta is a marine biologist, woman in STEM and science communicator. Vanessa has recently completed her PhD at Macquarie University, Sydney. Her research focuses on identifying conservation gaps for cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises). Vanessa’s most well-known research involves the use of emerging technologies such as drones for whale conservation. 

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Arlian Ecker
Plastic Free Boy

Australian student Arlian Ecker is on a global mission to save the ocean from plastic pollution.  Since 2017, Arlian, known as 'Plastic Free Boy', has united 890 000 students in schools by sharing his inspiring and educational documentary 'Plastic Alarm' in schools internationally, showcasing the problems and solutions of plastic pollution, with action packed lesson plans leading them to become change makers themselves.

Matty Smith
Ocean Photographer

Matty Smith is a UK born and bred underwater photographer who is now based in Australia. Matty fell in love with the Pacific Ocean and has now made it his permanent playground. Matty is an Ocean Geographic Magazine Master Photographer and contributor, as well as an ambassador for Nikon Australia & Aquatica Digital Water Housings. Most recently Matty was a finalist in multiple categories for the 2021 Ocean Photography Awards.

credit CORRINA RIDGWAY_220117BlairMedia_-2_edited_edited.jpg
Lisa Blair
World-Record Sailor

Lisa Blair is an Australian adventurer, author, and multi world-record-holding sailor. She holds the record for the first woman to solo circumnavigate Antarctica, with one stop, a feat she is about to undertake again later this year. She also holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest solo, nonstop and unassisted circumnavigation of Australia. Lisa is a fierce supporter of climate action with her boat aptly named ‘Climate Action Now’.

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