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Beach in front of Pavillion 

March 23, 2024


What better way to start the day and feel connected to nature than a morning yoga by the sea and meditation session!

Join Sarah Routhier for a playful, expansive yoga and meditation experience that will flow to the theme of water. Dive into deep connection with the natural world as you honour the rhythm of the ocean.  




About R.A.R.E

Join Rare for yoga classes, yoga training, workshops and social events. Rare marries high quality yoga classes and trainings with a vibrant curation of music, culture and social events, in an outgoing and elevated environment. We use movement as a pathway into self awareness, helping people to identify and connect significant moments and experiences in their lives in order to create a purposeful future. Owned and operated by teachers, we live and breathe our challenges and wins on the ground, nurturing our community and inspiring them to strive for greatness.

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