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Bondi Pavillion

Thursday 21st March

5.30–7.30pm  2024


Get ready to separate the brilliant from the bullshit in the world of climate action! Join us for an enlightening and entertaining evening featuring a panel of climate and ocean experts. It's your chance to unravel the mysteries, ask the burning questions, and have a blast while we dive deep into all things climate and oceans.

  • How does hotter weather affect our oceans?

  • What’s the deal with offshore wind?

  • Is nuclear really a green alternative?

  • I use a keep cup, haven’t I done enough?

Don’t miss out on this fun conversation learning about climate science, ocean health, effective advocacy & how you can be a champion of the seas. 



Ocean Lovers Talks
Clare Herschell.jpg
Claire Herschell

Clare is a connector, community builder, and co-founder of Groundswell. With a unique viewpoint as both a funder and fundraiser Clare is focusing all her energies on addressing climate change. She enjoys convening people for meaningful conversations, catalytic change, and describes herself as a ‘collector of good eggs’.
Prior to Groundswell, she founded the annual Heron Island Fellowship with Anna Rose, in partnership with the Climate Council. Clare has over 15 years experience in philanthropy and promotes the idea that ‘giving’ comes in many currencies, with unique power and purpose. Previously, she was Next Generation Development Manager for the Art Gallery of NSW where she founded the Atelier philanthropy program.
Clare is now a Director of the Art Gallery of NSW Foundation, as well as a Director of of the Board Trust for NSW National Parks. She is a member of the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network and the global Climate Reality Leadership Corps. She was a founding member of New Gen at Philanthropy Australia, and a delegate of the Nexus Global Youth Summit.
Tessa De Josselin

For Tessa de Josselin, all paths lead back to the sea. Having long graced screens around the country and beyond, the Australian actress and voiceover artist is combining her love for the creative industry with environmental advocacy and research - focusing her Master’s thesis on seaweed and climate mitigation. When she's not on our screens or soundwaves, she's leading change with the newly established organisation Sustainable Screens Australia, and hosts and produces her own podcast, The Nature Between Us, which aims to demystify environmental issues and engage a wider audience in the climate conversation. 
Josh Kirkman.webp
Josh Kirkman

Surfers for Climate CEO Josh Kirkman has a history in climate communications in the Nordic Cleantech Investment space as well as a sporting history in competitive bodyboarding. As a bodyboarder, Josh has earned multiple Australian Championship titles as well as being a highly-ranked competitor on the global stage.
He is passionate about affecting change in the diverse and growing surf community, focussed on leading this community towards greater political agency for people and planet.
After many years abroad, Josh resides on Worimi Country, which is where he was fortunate enough to spend his childhood enjoying the waves at Tuncurry Beach.
Dr Simon Bradshaw

Dr Simon Bradshaw is a Researcher on climate science and impacts at the Climate Council.
Simon has been a writer and campaigner for climate action for over a decade and was formerly the Climate Change Advocacy Lead at Oxfam Australia. Simon’s research and advocacy has taken him to the Torres Strait Islands, Tibet, India, throughout the Pacific, and to many rounds of international climate negotiations. He is passionate about climate justice and the role of climate action in reducing poverty and inequality. His research with the Climate Council covers extreme weather, bushfires, health, security and many other areas of climate science and impacts.
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