Free Dive



Immersia Freediving is Sydney’s fastest growing freediving movement! 

9am - 1pm Friday 22nd April

No matter what your starting point is, this beautiful sport has something to teach us all. We use freediving to tap into long-forgotten versions of ourselves to find relief from stress, to slow down, to feel empowered, to experience physical and mental weightlessness. Ocean lovers will also get to explore Bondi's hidden side - beneath the waves.

Immersia Free Diving are stoked to present a special Freediving Taster Course as part of the Volvo Ocean Lovers' Festival

Ocean lovers will receive 20% off the regular course price for this adventure!


  • Ages 18+

  • 4 Hours


In a group of no more than 8 people you will learn:

  • What freediving is

  • How to use breathing and mental techniques to extend your breath-hold and relieve stress

  • How to duck-dive and equalise your ears, so that you can dive deeper

  • How to understand and respect the ocean environment

  • How to keep yourself and your buddies safe in the water


  1. 4 Hours of freediving knowledge, fun and tips wth an experienced PADI freediving instructor

  2. Your freediving equipment

  3. Photos and go-pro footage in a drive after the session!

  4. Access to our social freediving/snorkelling community, training sessions and events



  • You must be able to swim 200m without assistance

  • You will be required to fill in a medical form and some conditions may require doctor approval before participation

Not available this day? No problem!

Ocean Lovers will receive 10% off any Immersia Freediving Booking made by the end of April 2022. Simply use the code "oceanlovers" on any booking on our website.